Favorit - The hunting lodge Praha

Basic information

Total land area
22 199 square meters
Total living area
3235 square meters
A complex of 6 buildings
3925 square meters

The rococo hunting lodge Favorit is located in the middle of a vast reserve in the Krušné Hory (Ore Mountains) between Jindřichovice and Šindlová villages in the region of Karlovy Vary. It is a complex of six buildings: the castle, administrative seat, forest ranger’s seat, a house originally designed for castle staff, chapel and garage with workshop. Three parts of the castle building enclose a courtyard. In front of the castle there is a baroque chapel of Saint Hubert - the patron of hunting - with a statue of him. The pond was built not far from the palace and there is a river Skřiváň flows nearby. The way to the Šindelová is lined with larches.

In the second half of the 18th century Count František Antonín Nostic ordered to build a castle at this place for his wife Mary Elizabeth and named it "Mes idées". But the next owner Jan Nostic built here a new faux-baroque hunting lodge Favorit, which was owned by Nostic family until 1945. The castle underwent some minor reconstruction in the last century. For a long time it has served as a recreational center. The bar, a new kitchen and rooms with facilities was built here. The premises requires reconstruction.

The romantic landscape of the Krušný Hory and proximity of the most important Czech spas is an ideal place for active recreation, entertainment and relaxation. Spruce, pine, fir and beech forests as well as the unique mountain massifs cover a large part of Western Bohemia. Krušný Hory, Slavkovský Forest, Český Forest and Tepelská Peak are a paradise for all hikers and mushroom pickers. The protected nature reserve Soos near Františkových Lázní hides unique moorland with active mineral springs. Thanks to mineral salts the flora here is similar to what you can only find near the sea. Local therapeutic mud has long been used in mud and bath therapies.

A separate chapter is created by the spa triangle formed by the towns of Karlovy Vary, Marianské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně that attract guests from around the world through its wide selection of balneological services and spa atmosphere. The whole area, including border towns in Bavaria, has a rich spa tradition starting from the 15th century. In the area you will find mud, radon and climatic spas. But the greatest asset is the healing mineral springs. The surroundings are also very interesting by its historical sites, such as Cheb Castle, Castle Loket or the chateau in Bečov nad Teplou with a rare reliquary of St. Maura.


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